Who we are?

Christ Compassion Trust is based in Bangalore, India and effectively reaching, touching and changing Lives in the region of south asia through various facets of ministry.
The ministry began in 1994 by Rev. Joseph Mcwin and his wife JayasheelaMcwin and legally took shape in 2000 by which Joseph Mcwin had gone to be with the Lord serving the Lord till his last breath literally, JayasheelaMcwin continues to serve in CCT along with her sons who now lead the ministry in different capacities.
CCT has always been a ministry that has reached the unreached, touched lives which were looked down upon and changed lives that had no hope,
Currently the ministry is involved in training Christian men and women, rescuing children from worst situations and providing home and family, worship center, outreach programs, micro churches or small groups and Campus ministries.

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So you are new here...welcome! We are a community of faith, and we are stoked you are here! Our style is casual, the atmosphere is relaxed, and our passion for God is undeniable. We are a teaching church with vibrant worship and we are really glad you are with us. Take a look around the site...let's connect. Thanks for stopping by!
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