Exploration every 1st and 3rd Sundays at 3pm.

Simply put, Youth Ministry is the Church's efforts to help each & every young person grow personally & spiritually. The purpose of the Youth Ministry program is to prepare students for effective ministry to middle high, senior high, or college students and their families within the context of a local church or a parachurch organization.

Training young people to lead the cause of Christ, and apply Christianity to every area of life is what "youth ministry" is about. If we don't know that, the kids won't either.

Revel: an Evening of Music and sharing bringing the gospel to the unchurched and to the unheard, challenging hearts, Revel is all about sharing God’s love to teens and pre- university students through music and Gospel,

Exploration: Is Jesus the answer to my issues? Does religion give answers or more problems? Is there a need for God? Why am I failing in everything I try to do? Questions are raised in Exploration- a café ministry. Held in coffee shops across Bangalore, meeting students from diverse backgrounds and Sharing Christ – the only answer to all questions of Life.

Exuberance: An evening of praise and worship and challenging messages to University Students, international students and to the age group from 18 and above. Exuberance is a profusion of praise, youth leaders and Christian youth pastors from across India have been in attendance in Exuberance. 2011 and 2012 will see exuberance held in other cities in India.